Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome to the Eskimo's Uncle

Welcome to the Eskimo's Uncle,

By now, many of you are thinking "what is this?", "what the fuck is an Eskimo's Uncle?", or "what drugs is nico doing?".... well my friends, I hope to answer all of these questions and more.

To begin, I have created this blog to bring music, sunshine, and happiness to all who use it. It is my intention that we may all use this as a platform to exchange, request, and trade music. I really like using sentences that involve a list of three things, commas, and a conjunction separating them. Anyways, the deal is that I am going to post some mp3's that anyone can download and I hope that you all will too. After we start using this more, I imagine that we can post stuff relating to music or post what music we are looking for in order to have someone else post it.

For instance, the Kanye and Cudi LPs just came out and I have no intention of paying iTunes 20 bones for them. If there is anyone that has the albums or songs from them, post that shit and spread it round.

I really hope this shit works out, I think we are all ready to stop paying for music.

hootie hoo